Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Snowed in with a Princess!

So, we were planning to go to Franklin to see sweet Isabella on Monday.  But, with snow in the forecast for both here and there, we decided to get ahead of the weather and headed out Sunday after church.  We figured that if we were going to be snowed in, why not be snowed in with a Princess.    It didn’t start snowing in Franklin until after midnight and when we woke up on Monday morning there was 4-5 inches on the ground and it was so beautiful- just like our sweet little Isabella.  I couldn’t wait to show her the snow through the sunroom windows.  I think she was impressed, but you just can’t be sure what they think at 7 weeks!
We gave her a bath one night- all five of us were assigned a task.  One to get the water just right, one to disrobe the baby and then keep her warm, one to hold the towel ready for the hand-off and two to wash all those cute baby parts.  Bo said it reminded him of an oil change.  One baby and five people running around doing their respective jobs.  She was a little peeved at first, then relaxed and seemed to really enjoy it.  By the time we finished and the water started cooling you would think she was at the spa…totally relaxed and very interested at the baby in the mirror.
Here are a few pictures – I think you might enjoy them.

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Diane (Mimi)

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